Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Water Truck-Cite Soleil

We had quite the shocking day on the water truck. We delivered 3 trips of 2500-3000 gallon loads of water deep into the slums of this city. More info on Cite Soleil

The smells of the sewage, charcoal burning for cooking, garbage with pigs carozing through the trash will forever be in our minds. The kids come up and just want your attention - hold their hand, play hand slapstick, mimick your words or just hug your leg. The smile on their face when you pick them up to hold is so rewarding.

We would assist the 5-50 yr old women with their 5 gallon water buckets and some time larger than 50# water containers back to their tin shanty or tarp tent they live in. Many of them simply carry the loads on their heads. It's amazing the big smiles these kids beam with when you give them your attention. Especially amazing given the siutation they're in.

You wish you could more when they ask for food too but there is only so much we can do.

-Mark Smith
Healing Haiti Team Member

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