Friday, June 10, 2011

My return to Haiti

As I returned to Haiti the sounds, voices, sites and smells returned and more importantly so did the breaking of my heart.
Yesterday we attended a worship service at 6 am. It was held under a huge white tent. What an amazing experience to see the true worship of the Haitian people!! Their love for and dependence on the Lord is beautiful. It put mine to shame. Their beautiful voices filled the tent.
After walking home from the service, we headed to Titanyen and Grace Village. Before going up to the village, we stopped at a mass burial grave site for the victims of the earthquake. Crosses covered the area where thousands of people had been buried. We prayed for all of the families who lost someone.
Arriving at Grace Village, I once again was amazed at this beautiful place! The mountains on one side and the view of the ocean on the other. I cannot wait for the day when Grace Village becomes the new home for all of the children!
We then went to Titanyen to visit some of the elderly, who are in great need of love and affection. Susan who heads up the elder care program for Healing Haiti was with us and is doing all she can to improve their living situation. What was so amazing to us was that we prayed for them and then they prayed so sweetly for us. God is working in Haiti!

God has definitely been doing work in my heart and the hearts of the team this week!
Pictures to come!

Becky Nelson
Healing Haiti Team Lead

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