Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2nd Visit to Home of Sick & Dying Children

Saturday - June 11

After a morning of working the water truck, a few of us decided to go back to this orphanage to assist with evening feeding at 3:30. Some of our co-team members were still sick.

In arriving at the orphanange, I felt I could be the most help going to the lower level again where the sickest children are to assist with feeding. I also wanted to check in on the small child in crib #16 that I had worked with earlier in the week - earlier blog.

I went back to the same room but no crib #16. My heart sank. I looked in the adjoining room and noticed a crib #16 on the far side. Rushing over to check it out, it became obvious this was a larger/healthier baby. Tears came to my eye. In the two days that I had been gone, did little 40 month old crib #16 pass away? I feared the worse and stood their trying to feed another child standing in her crib while tears ran down my eye.

I wanted some confirmation of my fear. Hardly able to talk, I emotionally asked one of the sisters (knowing they'd be fluent in English) what happened to the small baby in crib #16. She informed me, they sent baby #16 home the day before with the mom. They provided 2 weeks food for the mom to take the baby home and come back in 2 weeks for another short term stay and progress checkup from the sisters.

I really hope this sister was telling me the truth and not just what she think I wanted to hear to feel better. My prayers are for the truth....

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