Friday, June 10, 2011

Pure Joy!

Today was absolutely pure joy!!!!!! We spent it entirely with children learning new songs along with new moves, visiting 2 schools in tough, tough areas, and spending the afternoon at an orphanage handing out dresses and shirts and just playing. I laughed with these kids all day. 
The pictures will tell it all :)

Earlier today we invited 6 street kids to dinner tonight and I think they must have asked the girls' hand in marriage several times throughout the evening. They rapped and sang to them after dinner and I think the 4 gals enjoyed the attention from the 17 year olds. It was very funny to observe all night.....a lot of smiles back and forth!!!!! Trust me we parents never left the room.

Spence and I are feeling well, but 2 of our team members went down hard last night and have remained in bed all day. Pray for a speedy recovery for them before they have to get on a plane for home Monday.

Yesterday was an extremely emotionally hard day and I think a few of us would have flown home last night if they would have offered. Thank goodness that HE brings us new mornings because today was simply beautiful!!!!!!! It was worth hanging in there for :)

My roommates are sleeping so I should probably say goodnight myself......

Off to the wound clinic tomorrow morning with the Nuns where we will see over 500 people.....yes 500!!!!!! I will need my Vic's rub under my nose tomorrow. Wooo Weeeeee!!!!!!

Lots of Love,
Jody Comfort
Healing Haiti Team Member

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